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..:: Welcome to the Europa-IRC network ::..

-> [ RULES ]:

When using this server you agree to the following terms
of use. If you do not agree with our rules you must
disconnect immediately:

• treat other users with respect and fairness
• no (network)spam/ad's and/or links
• no flooding regardless of form and way
• not more than 5 (five) connections from the same IP
• no fake nicknames or IP's (Proxy is not allowed)
• no sharing of warez, viruses and copyrighted material (XDCC)
• no porn in any form
• no extremist statements and views
• no overtakes and botnets

Using the network it is a privilege there is no right!
We are able to disconnect users and/or change modes
and settings of the users without informing them in advance.

We are scanning you upon open proxy while you are connecting to
the network. This is no attack it serves for our and your safety.

The users are responsible for the content.
Further, no responsibility regarding the availability and
error-free operation of the IRC service is taken.

All radios on this network are independent.
We are not responsible for their content and have no
influence on them in any form.

Claims for damages (liability) against this network are excluded.

The users must inform themselves about changes in rules and MOTD.

-> [ STAFF ]:


-> [ SERVICES ]:

The following services are available:
BotServ, ChanServ, HostServ, MemoServ, NickServ


#CaFeBarcelona - Talk - LifeStyle - Fun - CaFeBarcelona
a great adventure

#CaFeNewsNetwork - 50 live ticker from the whole world
news from first hand in the Europa-IRC network

#Europa-IRC - network and help channel

-> [ We wish you much of fun on Europa-IRC! ]

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